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Munrobagging for Beginners: 5 Selected Munros

A “Munro” is a Scottish mountain with a height of over 3,000 feet or 914.4 metres. They are named after Sir Hugh Munro (1856–1919), who in 1891 listed all mountains fulfilling this criterion in his Munros Tables. The Scottish Mountaineering Club revises the tables periodically. The 2009 revision resulted in a number of 283 confirmed Munros. The term “Munrobagging” describes the activity of somebody who aims at climbing all the listed Munros. The person is called a “Munrobagger”. Some people manage this feat in record time while others spend their lifetime on achieving this goal.
Here is a list of 5 suggested mountains for the beginning Munrobagger: Continue reading

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Scottish Mountains

Scottish mountains have a curious system of being catalogued according to their height. The highest mountains are called Munros, after Sir Hugh Munro who measured all Scottish mountains back in 1891 and listed them in the so called Munros Tables. In order to make the list, a mountain needs to pass the 3000 feet mark (914.4 metres). Over the years these tables have suffered various modifications. At the moment, the Scottish Mountaineering Club grants 283 mountains the honour of being a Munro. There are also 227 additional “Tops”, peaks that fulfill the height criteria, but are part of a ridge or a range and too close to a Munro for being counted as a separate mountain. The activity of climbing all of the Munros is called “Munrobagging”, a popular sport in Scotland. Continue reading

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5 Things to Do in Scotland

Scotland is a great country, and there are so many things to do that the list could comprise easily 10 or 15 things. However, 5 is a nice number, it’s manageable and you stand a good chance of actually getting the things done. Then of course, you might be interested in completely different things… Nonetheless, if I was to go to Scotland for the first time, and I had two weeks of holidays, that’s what I would do: Continue reading

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