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Hillwalking In The Times Of The Balaclava

I have often asked myself if this is just my personal perception, but it seems to me that hillwalking is becoming more and more popular. I love hillwalking and I can answer that question to myself easily, but why are there more people into hillwalking nowadays than let’s say 30 years ago? I stumbled upon one of the reasons when I found an article entitled “When balaclavas were de rigueur” by Dave Hewitt: The evolution of climbing gear! Continue reading

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Essential Equipment to Pack

When you go walking in the Scottish outdoors, you will always have to ask yourself an important question: What shall I bring with me? Of course the answer will depend on many factors: Are you planning a one day or multiple day excursion? Do you stay in a tent, and if yes, on a campsite or out in the wild? What climatic conditions can you expect? Do you need to bring all your food or is there a place to get provisions? Try to plan ahead as much as possible, and try to anticipate potential problems.

The tricky thing is to find a balance between a reasonable weight to carry, comfort and safety. There is a difference between essential and useful items. The following list gives you some tips on how to decide what to bring: Continue reading

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