Rannoch Moor

“A wearier looking desert a man never saw”. At least that was Robert Louis Stevenson’s view on Rannoch Moor in one of his novels. He probably didn’t visit on a bright and sunny day. Then Rannoch Moor becomes a paradise of heather, peat bogs, lochans and streams, surrounded by spectacular mountains. When I walked through Rannoch Moor on the West Highland Way I thought it was the best part of the entire hike, I couldn’t believe the beauty of the landscape. But decide for yourself:

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Rannoch Moor form the A82

Rannoch Moor is a plateau that consists of an area of about 50 square miles in the shape of a triangle. There is one single road and a railway crossing through it from south to north. Apart from that, the West Highland Way brings a steady flow of walkers to the area, many of them stopping at the Kings House Hotel for a meal or the night. The only way to cross Rannoch Moor from east to west is on foot. There is a 10 mile track from Rannoch Station to the Kings House Hotel.

Rannoch Moor road

Driving Through Rannoch Moor

It is common to approach Rannoch Moor from Bridge of Orchy on the A82. Near Achallader the road meets the railway line and starts to climb the plateau. The landscape may appear to be from a different planet. Rannoch Moor’s north-west border is confined by Glen Coe. Buchaille Etive Mor, one of the best loved and most photographed mountains of Scotland, marks the entrance.

Rannoch Moor

Black Mount from Rannoch Moor in Winter

It is an isolated area, and the weather will have an important word to say on the impression Rannoch Moor will make on you. One way or another, it is one of the most spectacular landscapes of Scotland.

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2 Responses to Rannoch Moor

  1. Adrian Campbell says:

    Living in Arizona in the United States, looking at these pictures, I would think I was looking out my backyard. The terrian is very similar to my little nook of the world. I never knew that Scotland had desert like terrian. I have to say it looks gorgeous with the snow capped mountains in the background.

  2. Melissa says:

    Wow, Rannoch Moor truely sounds amazing. The scenery looks stunning. I am sad to say that I live in Britain but I have not ventured out and explored it’s beauty as much as I would like. I have sometimes opted for a holiday in abroad to seeing the beauty that is right in front of my face. Scotland is high on my list on places to visit, with views and beauty like Rannoch Moor, how could I not be drawn to it.

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