A Wind Park in the Monadliath Mountains?

I’m a strong supporter of renewable energy resources. I think that nuclear power plants have to be shut down as soon as possible world wide at be substituted by de-centralized, smaller power plants that use renewable energy. However, I haven’t been aware of the fact that renewable energy can cause a lot of damage, too. Today I found out about it.

Have you heard about the Scottish government’s plan to build a wind park right in the Monadliath Mountains? The wind park is called Dunmaglass Wind Farm, and there is quite a discussion going on in Scotland’s outdoor scene, because they want to build it in one of Scotland’s wildest areas.

Monadliath hills SE of Lyne of Gorthleck - geograph.org.uk - 370776

Monadliath Hills Soth East Of Lyne Of Gorthleck


What is quite ironic about it is the fact that Energy minister Jim Mather who approved the plans is also responsible for tourism!

Here is what Helen Mc Dade of the John Muir Trust has to say about the wind farm:

“Our Vision is that wild land is protected and the wild places are valued by and for everyone. This decision is yet another demonstration of the urgent need for greater protection of wild land. These mountains are entirely unique from other areas of wild land in the UK…. In particular the anticipated death toll of up to eleven Golden Eagles is considered wholly unacceptable.”

Ardrossan, Scotland, United Kingdom

Wind Farm In Ardrossan, North Ayrshire - Soon In The Monadliath Mountains, Too?


The one person that will benefit from the construction is the estate owner, Jack Hayward. The thing is, he is already one of the wealthiest persons in Britain and I doubt it that he really needs the money they are going to pay him.

If you want to read the entire article, it is located here:


Renewable energy HAS to be environmentally friendly, and that includes NOT destroying a unique ecosystem in order to build this. The price is too high. At least that’s my opinion. What do you think about this subject?

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  1. Mike Fischer says:

    I agree with this – there are similar cases here in Germany, one of the countries in the world with the most wind power stations. I am a great fan of renewable energy, but fact is there is a strong wind energy lobby by now and it is not funny if they sacrify a nature reserve for a wind park.

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